• 。Available in 6mm to 20mm
    。Made with Acrylic paint, various glitter and shimmer and swarovski crystals.
    。Each eye is hand painted, so they will not all look exactly the same.
    。Eyes may have small bubbles or imperfection which barely shown in pictures.
    。Each pair of eyes is made with care and love ♥
    。I guarantee all my work, so if you have any issues with the eyes when you recieve them, let me know and I will fix it as best I can!

    ♥ Commissioned Eyes ♥

    。Available in 6mm to 20mm
    。Any style, any color. No limits.
    。When commissioning a pair of eyes please be as specific as possible.


    ♥ Iris Sizes ♥
    Normal iris

    Small iris

    ♥ Processing time ♥
    Ready stock : I ship every friday.
    Made to order : 7-14 days

    Ice Blue


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